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Happy Valley Hash House Harriers



The On Pres Tony Flower convened the AGM of the Happy Valley Hash Cyprus in a forest glade beside the Asprokremnos Dam. In attendance were 22 members and one guest, who took no part in the proceedings. Apologies were noted from the Claytons who were at the airport.

In summary, the following items were discussed and agreed by those members present. Where thought necessary, a show of hands was taken and passed unanimously or by a majority.

Responding to a question from Clive Clayton regarding run fees and after some discussion, it was agreed that the weekly fee will remain as €4 per adult and €2 for a youngster, toddlers free, dogs too. Members have enjoyed several free runs, subsidies and presentations were made to those eligible. Hash Cash will be producing a quarterly statement at the end of September with Sarah Meynard, who will be taking over from Doris.


On Pres - Since there was no volunteer to be our On Pres it was agreed that the Past On Pres’s would step in when required starting with Nick Smith, who kindly offered to try his best until January 2020. In his absence for runs 884 and 885, Mike Woods will be standing in. After 1st Jan 2020 it is still Work in Progress. Words raised the point that because of this roster system, HVH committee needs to agree a programme for the next 4 to 6 months so that members can be given the significant dates to work on.

On Pres thanked all members of the committee for their loyalty and hard work in keeping the HVH routine running, noting specially Doris Fryatt who had resolved the Hash Cash problems from last year. He also thanked Tina (flour) Vassos (Beer) Geoff (Words) Mike (Haberdasher) who all agreed to remain in post.

Unfilled posts are still open for volunteers, ie Hash Flash and separately Hash Events.


A discussion took place regarding the funding of our 1000th run due in about 2.5  years’ time. It was agreed to postpone any decision on this until we were closer to that year, and hopefully had a full-time On Pres who could propose the funding with the committee at that time, and with a useful bank balance. Sarah suggested that once she was comfortable as Cash, she could set up a column in the account and make regular deposits when the On Pres and committee thought it convenient to do so.

Jim Adair was presented with is Free Hash Pass as an Octogenarian Honorary Member of HVH.

The Hash also sang Happy Birthday to Colin (Clint) Garland who was a year closer to his dotage. Dobby did not join in? Jane passed around the Sangria and crisps. Jolly welcome they were too, thank you Jane.

Words asked members who take photos during the hash to send any useful ones to him for the website.

Run 888 was agreed as a special event and a badge will be produced to be given to members who attend that run, which will be on a beach on Thursday 10th October at 4pm. The suggested dress will be as Pirates. More details will follow. The monthly meal for October will be served at the beach on Run 888.

BST – Clocks go back on Sunday 27th October so Run 891 on 31st October will be On Out at 3pm

Geoff Fryatt Words HVH 6th September 2019