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Happy Valley Hash House Harriers

Hash Signs and Symbols




Both colours of trash are edible!

Forensics will determine if you were a runner or a walker by the colour of your droppings.  

A urine test will also determine if you were a Keo or Carlsberg person, or pregnant?

The trail is always marked by a blob of blue or pink trash. 
If the Hares are being generous they will leave a stripe indicating the general direction of the trail.

A check (in blue or pink) is a circle often with 2 wings to show the angle to search for the blobs leading to the ON. A number in the circle means the front runners have to wait at the check until that number of runners have reached the check before they begin their search. The ability to count to 10 is the only technical requirement.

The letter H (in either colour) indicates this is a Holding check, which is used to keep the pack together after a difficult climb or other hazard. All hashers wait at the holding check until the Hares are happy to let them go to search for the ON.

When the Long Run is searching for the trail, they are looking for the fourth single blob. This indicates that the real trail lies ahead. If the fourth mark is 3 blobs close together then this is a false trail. The pack has to turn back towards the last check and search again for the correct ON.

The false trail is usually the preserve of the Long Run. However, it has been known for the Short Run Hares to emulate their speedier relatives. If this is going to happen the Hares will inform you of this during the briefing. If there are false trails on the Short Run, use the rules outlined above.

If all that wasn't complex enough, you may find a question mark check (with or without a circle). This shows that the trail will start when the pack finds the first blob of blue. This is rarely seen in pink as checks for the Short Run are always, " first blob and you are ON" unless the Hare informs you at the briefing that there are false trails.

If the Hares are feeling brave then they may use a "hook-back or check-back". These can appear in either colour and at any time (although usually when you are at the front having decended a steep hill). They are designed to bring back the faster walker/runner to the Hare who will indicate the new trail.

These last marks are shown for completeness as, depending on the artistic ability of the Hares, they may be confused for "check-backs". If a trail is making a sudden and unexpected change of direction, the Hares may indicate this with an arrow. This example shows a sudden swerve to the right!

NB Not all signs are as clear as these examples. Ants carry them away like gifts from the Gods, and idle hares with no artistic flair make a pig’s ear of the simplest of tasks!!