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Happy Valley Hash House Harriers

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Hashers will be asked to sign that they accept this indemnity.

People who participate in the sport of hashing in Cyprus generally know that it involves cross-country running or walking; scrambling through rough country and following trails that sometimes pass close to rocks and exposed edges; through thorny bushes and that dogs and hashers are often mixed together; and that livestock often roams free in the areas we use.

The Happy Valley Hash House Harriers Cyprus is considered to be an unincorporated association, ie a non-formalised group of individuals who meet regularly to engage in the popular sport of hashing. For this reason the Happy Valley Hash House Harriers Cyprus is not obliged to have insurance cover for members or for Third Parties, except where the MOD policy on the use of MOD property for sport requires this to be held.

Whilst the appointed committee members and all members of the group are aware of their duty of care towards everyone who takes part in hashing, they do not accept responsibility for any injury or loss sustained by anyone taking part in any activity organised by the Happy Valley Hash House Harriers Cyprus. It is the personal responsibility of participants in any event organised by the Happy Valley Hash House Harriers Cyprus to obtain their own insurance cover if they wish to do so. In addition, this Hash is registered with Episkopi Garrison and is insured for Public Liability and Direct Debit Indemnity with their insurers

Dog owners are reminded that they have to control their animals at all times and they are to carry a proper lead whenever they bring a dog on the run. In particular, when the Hares warn that goats or other livestock are in the area, or they themselves see livestock in the area, they are to put their dog(s) on a lead. Any damage or injury caused by a dog to an individual person or to livestock or property will be the responsibility of the dog owner, not the Happy Valley Hash House Harriers Cyprus.

By having my attendance at a hash recorded on the day by HVH Hash Cash I confirm that I agree to the terms of the indemnity described above, and that I am aware that insurance against personal accident or Third Party claims is my own responsibility. This indemnity will remain valid during the time I am a member or associated with the Happy Valley Hash House Harriers Cyprus.

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