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Happy Valley Hash House Harriers

Happy Valley Hash runs for the next few weeks

NA6Due to weather & whatnot, this information is subject to change at short notice. 

If this is your first Hash please confirm the RV with the Run Master on 99405886 or Hash Words on 99456714.

The best way to keep informed is to subscribe to the HVH mailing list


OCTOBER  2020 TO MARCH 2022 RUN LIST  - 3pm starts until Mar


9228 Oct 20Jim and Tina Burke  
9233 Jun 21Clive and Anne Clayton/Sarah MaynardZanadja 
92410 Jun 21The Flowers! - Tony, Richard, Mary and LydeneDingley Dell, Pissouri  
92517 Jun 21Jim and Tina BurkeCurium Stadium 
92624 Jun 21Owen and Jackie WalkerMelounda Heights 
9271 Jul 21Cliff and Salette DieppeNear CYTA station above PissouriVine Leaf
9288 Jul 21Sarah and Paul MaynardAlektora 
92915 Jul 21Owen and Jackie WalkerPissouri 
93022 Jul 21Barney and Liz BruceParamali 
93129 Jul 21Jim and Tina BurkerADIO sONDE 
9325 Aug 21Ann and Clive ClaytonNorth SouniStables
93312 Aug 21Clive and Salette DieppeDingly Dell, Pissouri 
93419 Aug 21Mike and Chrissie WoodsKouris Dam 
93526 Aug 21Mark FoleyLania 
9362 Sep 21Richard, Nadine and Tony TBD
9379 Sep 21Cliff and Salette Melanda 
93816 Sep 21Sarah and Paul MaynardSotira 
93923 Sep 21Barney and Liz BruceAlektora (well of the Franks) 
94030 Sep 21Anne and Clive ClaytonKivides 
9417 Oct 21Mike and Chrissie WoodsKouris Dam 
94214 Oct 21Sarah and Paul MaynardPrastio 
94321 Oct 21Tony and Richard Flower/ Mike WoodsAvdhimouTrafalgar Day Special
94428 Oct 21Barney and Liz BruceAlektora area 
9454 Nov 21 Owen and Jackie WalkerPissouri 
94611 Nov 21Cliff and Salette DieppeWell of the Franks 
94718 Nov 21Mike and Chrissie WoodsGeneral Hospital 
94825 Nov 21Sarah and Paul MaynardAvdhimou 
9492 Dec 21Anne & Clive Clayton, Jim BurkeAbove Symvoullas Dam 
9509 Dec 21Cliff and Salette DieppeWell of the FranksChristmas Party
95116 Dec 21Jim and Tina BurkeEagle Pines 
95223 Dec 21Barney and Liz BruceChurch of the Warts 
9536 Jan 22Mark FoleyAkrotiri 
95413 Jan 22Jim and Tina Burke  
95520 Jan 22Hares required  
95627 Jan 22Anne and Clive Clayton  
9573 Feb 22Owen and Jackie WalkerAbove Pissouri 
95810 Feb Jim and Tina BurkeRadio Sonde 
95917 FebOwen and Jackie WalkerMelanda 
96024 FebSarah and Paul MaynardAlektora picnic site 
9613 MarClive and Anne ClaytonAvdhimou 
96210 MarEleni, Sarah & PaulPissouri Bay 
96317 MarBarney and Liz BruceAbove Pissouri Village 
964 24 MarSarah and Paul MaynardMelanda 
96531 MarJim and Tina BurkeTBC  
9667 AprTBCTBC 
96714 AprTony, Richard and Laydene  
96821 Apr